Red Light Therapy 1500W Lamp Device (A1500)


Please note the A1500 is only available in Black Edition models. 

Introducing the king of our red light series. The A1500 has a powerful 300 LED of red light goodness that penetrates larger areas of the body making this the most efficient way for total body detoxification and the most bang for your buck.

 The A1500 Is professional standard, and suitable for a commercial setting or for those who take long term health and vitality seriously.

We are proud to be providing market leading low emf lights that are tried and tested by medical beauty and fitness experts! The A1500 has a 300 LED system consisting of 660nm (red) and 850nm (near-infrared) precise wavelength light diodes have been carefully chosen for maximum benefit. 

A powerful light therapy device with a 60 degree beam angle allowing greater skin coverage, shortening required treatment times and allowing full penetration deep into your tissues and muscles with closer application.  We’ve chosen the specific wavelengths that have the highest proven absorption for your body and skin.


LEDS:300 X 5W
Size:27.2" x 8.7" x 2.3"
Irradiance: 161mw/cm² @3”

Zero EMF at treatment distances 6″ and above and ultra low flicker.


660 nm – 150pcs – Deep Red
850 nm – 150pcs – Near-Infrared


Life Span 100,000+ hours
3 Year Warranty
Includes power cord, eye protectors, door hook & hanging kit.

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