Sweat your way to better health.

What’s your body trying to tell you? When skin, joint, gut, wellbeing and neurodegenerative issues pop up they can often be traced back to inflammation within the body.  

Inflammation is our body‘s natural defence mechanism and  immune systems attempt to heal damaged tissue triggered by stressors. A stressor can be an experience that causes strain or tension that our mind internalizes and our body expresses externally. Infection, exposure to viruses, parasites, toxins and emotional stress are all examples of stressors. So how do we better understand our body’s inflammation?

The way our body responds can differ depending if it’s new, acute stress, or old, chronic stress. Symptoms are the last stage. Before you pull a muscle or break out, a number of stressors have been activated behind the scenes that have resulted in inflammation that hasn’t been able to properly heal. 

Inflammation can be a chronic physical injury, or skin issue like acne. We typically tend to ignore stressors until we feel pain or discomfort that we can’t ignore. We’re all guilty of reaching for quick solutions like painkillers or topical creams, but they don’t get to the root of the problem. 

So how can you improve your health? Taking a multi-faceted approach is essential. Bringing sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management into balance helps to promote healing. The more work we put into balancing them, the easier it is to see improvements all around. 

The beauty of the human body is that nothing happens in isolation. If one area is unwell, other areas compensate. Improving how your gut functions helps to increase melatonin within the brain brings better sleep, which leads to more time spent in a deeper state of recovery. Better sleep leads to improved detoxification from exercise and sweating, which allows our body to spend more time focusing on hormone production, healing, growth and repair.

Infrared sauna blankets and red light therapy are great ways to recover and naturally reduce inflammation. Red light therapy is incredibly beneficial because it helps alleviates chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues, while increasing the body’s natural antioxidant defence. It helps your body create more usable energy to recharge and heal itself. 

Slowing down to tune into your body so it can to heal the body from within, is the elixir we should all strive for.  Simply integrating red light therapy into your day can be the catalyst needed for huge change, this time also helps bring our attention to treating our body as a whole unit in order to promote rejuvenation. When we focus on healing, we reduce pain, improve our mood and vitality,  see an increase in our energy, which ultimately leads to an improved sense of wellness. 

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